Block Island | Placenta Blessing

I meant to post these photos months ago, but you know -- life. This summer we went to block Island, our first trip as a family of four. It was there that we chose to burry both our girls placentas. We buried them together, under a rock that sits on the beach as the sun was setting. Where the land meets the ocean. Grounded yet free. May you always have the the ocean in your heart and the wind in your hair. Stay grounded but be free -- we adore you. Sisters. Together forever.

...Traditions from several cultures have been treating the placenta with respect and admiration for its accomplishment and meaning, and many cultures around the world have specific ceremonies for handling it - a strong contrast to how Western medicine treats placentas as human waste. In gratitude for the gift of fertility and the birth of the baby, most cultures respectfully bury the placenta, returning the nutrients and its sacred energy back to Mother Earth, the creator of all physical life.
— Andrea Takacs-Carvalho, Tribe De Mama