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Our ambition is to make the best baby essentials possible. To us that means thoughtfully designed everyday items that are functional, eco friendly, and 100% free from harmful toxins.
Gentle on babies—kind to our planet.

Easy to use and lightweight, the versatile design is likely to make the Sleepod your go-to item for months to come. Whether it is for co-sleeping, baby lounging, day time napping, supervised tummy time, as a travel cot or the perfect supportive backrest for marathon feedings.
Our Sleepods are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. We use the best organic, natural materials to create a safe, hypoallergenic, and soothing environment for babies and their parents.
— Askr & Embla

I'm the kind of person who searches for hours and hours looking for the "perfect" pieces that fit our aesthetic. And im always excited to share when I discover something new -- well actually my mother discovered it...mothers know everything, right??

Our apartment is small, so any pieces that we bring in have to be pleasing to the eye or it will seriously drive me crazy. Just because something is functional doesn't mean you have to settle for something that doesn't meet your standards of design or quality. The Askr & Embla sleep pod does just that. Its beauty is in its simplicity -- it quietly blends into your everyday life and offers a secure and cozy spot for your babe to rest. It fits perfectly in a moses basket, on the couch or in a bed and has been an absolute favorite of mine and Ophelia's. So if youre looking for a beautifully crafted sleep pod -- check them out!!