Celebrating Olive | 4!

Our girl will be 4 in a week -- feels like time has taken off and left me in a tail spin. My first born. I try to picture her as a big sister -- i know she will be gentle and kind. I try and picture how life will feel in September when she starts pre k. I try and imagine what kind of girl she'll grow up to be like...what do i want her to be? I can't picture specifics. I just want her to be happy, kind, intelligent, thoughtful and full of grace. It's like this summer is a celebration of how life is with just the 3 of us. I am excited to welcome to new babe into our family, but I think i will soak up every last day of just us three. Here's to you my girl!! 4! I love you!! 

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday — many many happy returns! Happy birthday, Happy Birthday — sun and moon and stars rejoice upon your birthday! Upon your birthday, while we join hands in a ring and sing!
— a birthday song