A Family Bed

We live in a tiny little two bedroom apartment in Manhattan. So getting ready for the baby looks a little different for us. We don't have a nursery, instead we have a family room with a family bed and our other small bedroom is more a playroom/dressing room for the kids. OMG kids!! I haven't said that yet. Anyway...instead of getting a crib for the new babe, we upgraded our queen to a king, and got a small little moses basket with a stand for when the babe is new and tiny. So now that we have the king size mattress, our room is basically just a bed. But it is SO COZY! I tend to gravitate towards smaller spaces. Especially for sleep. There is something really soothing about being in a simple quite nook...Anyway I have been nesting like crazy. I took all of Olives baby stuff out of storage including her baby hammock and gave it a good wash. I hung it up and pictured the babe resting in it. THINGS ARE HAPPENING!! 

I've been trying to picture how it will be to have a baby in the bed again. We never planned on having a family bed, but when Olive came home we couldn't part from her, and still can't. I remember the first night so vividly. She was so small and I was so nervous. I remember just staring at her to make sure she was breathing. Soon we will have two! So up-sizing was kind of a must. After the new bed arrived, I realized that we had to get all new linens and pillows --I had no idea that anything in King size is like double the price!!  ...even at target! So I started looking all over. In my search I discovered Linens and Hutch where I was able to get down pillows and cotton sheets, their prices are pretty much unbeatable for the quality! Our bed is ready -- just waiting on this baby!!