Babymoon | W hoboken

Babymoons...Its like, you don't feel like you need it, but once you're there, relaxing and enjoying the end of pregnancy, you realize that...yeah I NEEDED THIS!! We decided we wanted to stay close by the city so that it was an easy trip there and back. We thought about a few different options like going to the beach, Bear Mountain or Cold Spring, but now that Im in my final weeks, everything just seemed so hard. So we went with the W hoboken! Ultimate relaxation!! The rooms are so cozy, the views of the city are amazing, its a 1 minute walk to the water and playground and 5 minute walk to the main street where there are tons of restaurants. Or if you're feeling like you don't want to walk at all to get some food...there's always room service =)

The best part of our short stay was the prenatal massage I got at Bliss, which is  a spa that is attached to the hotel. It was by far the most amazing prenatal I received during both pregnancies! When I thought it was over, the masseuse told me it was time to turn over for the second part of the massage. I nearly died of happiness!