Santa Monica

Anytime we visit somewhere new, we always fall so deeply in love with it. Santa Monica is up there at the top of my list. We were out in California for just a short trip, and while most of the time we were working, we still found time to soak in all the beauty. The sun is warm and there is a cool ocean breeze when you are in Santa Monica. Olive kept telling me how much she loved it. But seriously, what's not to love? On the boardwalk, there are these amazing outside gyms set up on the beach and you can watch people practicing tightrope walking, high bar and more. There is also a beautiful classic carousel at the end of the boardwalk which Olive really enjoyed.

I am in that stage of pregnancy where everything is a little harder and takes a little longer. The 3rd trimester. I find myself getting frustrated that I cant move as fast as I did pre pregnancy especially during a shoot -- but I have to constantly remind myself to SLOW DOWN. Take it all in. Relax. Magic is happening and I don't want to let it pass by without embracing it. I just have to figure out a balance...Ill keep you posted (throws up hands, where's the freaken emojis on this keyboard??)