fall essentials | oversized sweatshirt

I am transitioning Olives wardrobe over to fall and I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces. So this month I will be featuring some fall staples. First up -- the oversized sweatshirt. This is a great transition piece because it can be worn with little cotton shorts underneath or with tights/leggings and a infinity scarf. I try to buy items that I can get two seasons out of so usually I size up.  

Where to find

  • Childhoods pictured here is the ribbon dress, but they have all different variations of sweatshirts and they are super cute and soft
  • Zara They have a nice range of fun sweatshirts
  • Kira Kids, they aren't oversized so best to size up!
  • Tiny Cottons they are an international brand, but they ship worldwide 
  • Winter Water Factory also not oversized so don't be afraid to size up, you can always roll the sleeves.
  • Boy + Girl has a nice variety from parkas to hoodies
  • Hugo Loves Tiki this is a really fun brand and they have something called "the wide hoodie"
  • Gap Kids an obvious, but consistent brand.