Petite Soul #PSsignatures

So so so excited to share with you our newest line, PS signatures! It has been a real labor of love! We have been working on this since February and I am just so happy its here! From the beginning, we have always concentrated on bringing you things we love, but couldn't find. We believe that classic sophisticated designs, shouldn't cost you an entire paycheck. My other half, Stef hand drew the polka dots and stripes and then we created a repeat. Which by the way...we never went to school for so it has been a huge learning experience! We know what we love, we know what we would buy, and we learn how to create it! You can read more about the line on Petite Soul's blog.

For our look book we wanted to continue with the theme of our new line -- classic, sophisticated basics. I love shooting kids...its actually quite difficult and makes you feel slightly insane, but after all the nerves settle and you sit down and look at what you got...its magic. We wanted to feature some of our favorite brands in this book. Most of the items featured are from fellow mom - entrepreneurs. Here is a list of some of the items:

Bear, and Whales - Wild Pines Handmade
Playmat and Knit Dolls - Bla Bla Kids
Tassled Basket - Eliza Gran
Tee Pee - Ashley Gabby Designs
Boppy Pillow Cover - Iviebaby

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