lucky penny & girls on greenwich

The other day we spent the morning at Girls On Greenwich with Ana and her daughter Lilah of Lucky Penny.Olive and Lila played and had lunch while us mamas got to know a little more about each other. After lunch the girls got to try on some of the clothing from Girls On Greenwich. GoG is "Girls on Greenwich is a beautifully curated online consignment shop that makes buying and selling luxury children’s clothes a breeze. With brands like Bonpoint, Makie, Bobo Choses, and Stella McCartney on regular rotation, it is the perfect way to get your hands on those pieces you have been eyeing at a more affordable price." [Ana of Lucky penny]

Everyday I feel so lucky that I work for GoG as the director of photography. I get to do the things I love while also being lucky enough to have my daughter by my side. Photographing children has always been something I love -- they have this beautiful magic inside that kinda just radiates from them. I may complain about my commute with Olive and say how hard it is to have her with me when I am trying to work...but I honestly would not have it any other way. I love having her by my side and showing her that life is what you make it. You don't have to choose between being a mom or having a career. You just have to find the career that fits your life =)

From Jan 2016