Dominican Republic

When someone offers you a trip to take it. Who cares about all the little details? they always seem to work themselves out right?

In New York, you are constantly battling. Everything is just a little harder here. I never want to leave New York permanently, but its always nice to give your mind and body a bit of rest. and this vacation did just that. This time it was just the 3 of us. We woke up every morning, opened the doors to our balcony and drank coffee. We spent our days swimming, eating and soaking in the sun. I find my soul seems at ease by the water...and I think Olives is too.

Here is a list of our top 5 items when traveling:
1. Our stroller. Its from bugaboo and can pretty much do anything! Olive took her naps in it and we used it on the sand, grass and by the pool.  2. Circle towels from SwimZip. 3. Recycled plastic woven basket fromCabbages and Kings, so great for carrying pool and beach toys! and you can rinse the sand off easily after the beach! I always say this, but 4. salt water sandals. THEY ARE THE BEST!! Olive wears them in the ocean and pool and they protect her feet from the hot patio or sand (i have a pair too and they are the only sandals I wear). And lastly 5. honest re usable swim diapers.

from nov 2015