Halloween with a snail

From 2015.

I've never been really into Halloween, I mean maybe when I was a kid of course, but I kinda lost my love for it through the years. It always seemed so silly to me to have to spend all this money on a  terribly made costume that you would never use again and I never really cared enough to take the time to make my own. But then came my Olive -- like always -- she's turned this day into something so magical and amazing. I spent so many hours making her costume, and I kept thinking to myself.."what if she hates this and won't wear it" But I just kept showing her and telling her what I was doing, why I was doing it, and what we had in store for the next day. Whenever I would try the shell on her to see if it would fit she would say "yook!!! ima snaiw!!"

This year we went to long island so we could trick o' treat with Olives cousins. I found myself beaming with joy as I watched her become more comfortable with every door we stopped at. It really is amazing how this little human has taught me how to really LIVE and find magic in all the hidden places. She kept running to catch up with all her big cousins saying "wait for me guys! I'm cominggg" 

Now the big question is...how can I top this snail?