Curacao -- a place full of color, soul and emotions. Located in between Aruba and Bonaire, it's just a quick 4 hour flight away. The weather is hot, humid and breezy. The waters are still, crystal clear and filled with the most colorful fish. The food is a flavorful mixture of the cultures that influence the island. Overall -- a must visit. 

We stayed in an Air B & B on the outskirts of Willemstad -- we were walking distance to the cutest little boutique hotels and tiny little restaurants while also being far enough away from the more tourist frequented areas. A car is a must, since most of the best beaches are a 25 minute drive over to Westpunt. If you are the adventuring type, I highly recommend Curacao. It is bright and lively and feeds the soul.


bugspray! once the sun goes down the bugs come out, so always bring some spray with you. If you are near the water, it is breezy and they don't bother you, but if you are in a less breezy area, they come and get you. We Also got a bug net from bugaboo for our stroller which gave me peace of mind.

Local Treats:

Batidos: its basically a fresh fruit smoothie with milk. There are carts pretty much everywhere. Our favorite flavors were passion fruit, mango, watermelon, guava, and strawberry. 

Tamarind: You can get this at any supermarket or little market. We actually even found a tree and ate some -- they come in seed pods and the seeds are covered in a tangy delicious fruit.

Truki Pan: late night food trucks where the menu is pretty extensive but my fave was the french fries and pork chops =)

Snapper: this is their local fish and it is amazing. You can get it cooked however you want but it is super yummy deep fried with a side of tostones. 

Olive wore:

Blue and white striped dress from Dots & Knots, White dress with black embroidery from Cabbages and Kings, Blue and white polka doted play suit by Anais and I from Minou Kids, Blue silk embroidered dress for Cabbages and King, Fruit printed bathing suit from Girls on Greenwich, Miffy print skater dress in light grey by  Kira Kids, Hair bows from Free Babes, Sandals from Salt Water Sandals