Christmas morning with Olive

I had been counting down the days until christmas morning arrived. She had been talking about christmas and santa for weeks. Im not totally sure if she 100 percent grasped the whole concept...but she definitely had some idea. All I wanted to see were Olives eyes light up when she saw the special gifts that santa had left behind. We stayed up on christmas eve, wrapping gifts and imagining what she would do when she walked out into the living room the next morning. It went just as I imagined -- her eyes big and blue as ever, her hair flying out in every direction. She was quiet and reserved and filled with wonder.

This year her big presents were a dollhouse and a fridge for her kitchen. I spent hours looking for toys for her -- I want everything she has to hold meaning and value and allow for real quality play time. I see her mind grow when she plays so I gravitate towards toys that spark imagination and thoughtfulness. Toys that teach patience and intelligence instead of bombarding her mind with tons of flashing lights and colors. It is my dream that she will see the light and color when others do not -- that she will create her own light and color -- that her mind never closes -- that she is constantly changing what she sees and how she sees.  She is the future. And I hope she kicks ass.

--from Christmas 2015