big girl panties

We are over here trying to potty train. Halfway succeeding I suppose. We've got the pee part down! But honestly the whole thing has been slightly shitty, and I take the blame. I never was concerned with milestones. I didn't do tummy time or put her in a walker or encourage her to crawl -- none of that. I knew she would do it when she was ready so it really never affected me much. But for some reason I let all the voices and comments get to me about potty training. I just decided she had to be potty trained because that's what you do. But you know what? I stopped letting her make her own choices and I think that was a huge mistake. I was just so fixated on the fact that it was time...but was it her time? I'm not so sure. So fuck it -- i quit - no pressure on me, no pressure on her. She knows when she's ready and im good with that.