Olive turns 2!

Almost a month ago we celebrated Olives second year - earth side. Of course I've been meaning to share her day for weeks, but this summer has been unbelievably busy...in all the good ways!! We have been jumping from one thing to the next, our apartment is mid reno and the weather is beautiful. needless to say, I haven't had a minute to sit down and breathe.

So, where was i? oh yeah. 1 month ago my beautiful bright eyed daughter turned 2! We started our day at the apartment. Michael and I spent half the night before hand setting up all of her new toys, wrapping and decorating so that when she woke up she was greeted by her presents. When she walked in the room, her eyes were huge...well they always are...but they seemed extra huge on this morning. We helped her open presents, drank coffee and just sat there bursting with love for this little human.

It was supposed to be super hot and humid, but thankfully mother nature decided to give us a break and we had the most perfect summer day. We found a tree at the park and set up shop. We kept it simple and sweet, because who really wants to be stressing over nonsense when you are there to celebrate the person who showed you how to love. We had a picnic with beers, sandwiches, snacks family and friends..our kinda party! It was really perfect.