I believe in love

This summer has been full. Full of love. Full of parties. Full of food. Full of sunsets. Just so full and amazing. A week or two ago, my family and I went up to the Berkshires to celebrate my oldest brother Aaron and his husband.

I always remember my brother when I was growing up. He was (more often then not) kind to me. He always included me in things, taught me things, was gentle and patient and sweet. I didn't know he was gay for most of my life, and Im not sure if he did either. It just never really mattered. Like it never once even crossed my mind. He was my brother. He was cool as fuck. And everything he did was AWESOME. All I know is that never in my life have I seen  him so happy. Never in my life have I cried at a wedding. I love love. And I love that my brother found love. Love wins. And ALWAYS ALWAYS should. Cheers to you, my big bro. I freaken love you.

And I have to preface these photos by saying, that all of my siblings and parents, and mothers from other brothers, and brothers from other mothers and uncles and aunts and so on (its complicated) -- everyone helped with something. Wether it be cooking all of the foods, grilling, setting up, decorating, live music...all of it was done from someone in my family. -- BEAST MODE.