Block Island

For some reason it has taken us until August to get to the beach this summer. I assume that is because we now have a 2 year old, and trekking out to the beach never seems like it will be that relaxing, knowing that we have to carry a million things on subways and trains just to get there. But yes. Finally. We were at the beach for a week straight! And man was it refreshing. Olive took 2-3 hour stroller naps everyday, we ate all the food we wanted, played in the sand while soaking up the sun, and swam everyday. I feel like we have been really needing this reset. Its amazing the power the ocean has on your spirit. To me, the most enjoyable part was watching our little girl play and interact with her older cousins - they showed her everything, included her in their games and really just gave us the opportunity to sit back and watch Olive enjoy herself. Feeling thankful for this life and humbled by my ever growing, ever amazing Olive girl.

I put together a little guide for beach vacation getaway must haves:
Circle towels...AMAZING! multi purpose. We used them everyday. My favorite thing about them is that they fill the entire area of shade made by the umbrella! You can find them here. Back pack diaper bag, ours is fromLily Jade, great for keeping you hands free!! Flap Happy sunhat's and saltwater sandals - Im a serious brand loyalist and I have put these sandals and sun hats on Olive since she was born! Amazing quality at a great price point. Honest re usable swim diapers. Easy peasy. They're so cute you don't even need a bathing suit. Our bugaboo chameleon - you can change the wheels so the big ones are in the front and then it easily rides over wet sand! It also has a seat position that allows her to lay down comfortably. Olive napped in hers everyday under the shade of the umbrella - I covered her with a light muslin blanket that was perfect! And one last tip that Michaels nan taught powder and a little towel!! Sprinkle the powder on your babe where ever they are sandy and then gently wipe the sand away...its works like magic!! I don't go to the beach with out it.