Easter 2015

This year Easter kind of snuck up on us and to be honest I didn't plan on doing much. For some reason, I wasn't sure Olive would even care or remember the day, so the lazy part of me was going to just say "f*** it, who cares right?' But as it grew closer I started getting excited and decided to go out and get a few things that would make it special for her. On Easter eve, I stuffed the eggs full of little goodies, like hair bows, organic m&ms, fruit leathers and other "healthier" alternatives...i mean its all junk but I was trying my hardest to keep it on the better side of the spectrum. In the morning I woke up 2 hours before her and just sat in bed waiting for her to wake up. When she woke up I thought my heart was going to explode with happiness. I told her that the Bunny visited last night and had left her a few little presents...she seemed to understand (I'm always sure she knows exactly what I'm saying haha) We walked with her into the living room and she spotted her basket right away! She went running over to it saying "pwesents? pwesents?" bring us each egg, one at a time. It was so beautiful...I love watching her...I remember that feeling of just pure happiness. Its really the best thing in the world. Im so happy I get to feel it all over again.

This year we had people come to us instead of us trekking all over stressing out about time and all the other shit that comes with traveling with a kid. It made the day SO much better!! After everyone arrived we walked over to central park to search for some eggs. My mom brought my first easter basket for Olive to put her eggs into. I hid the eggs in a patch of flowers and we brought Olive over. She was so excited. She ran to each egg saying "ah nana!" (another) It was honestly the most heart swelling moment. I never wanted it to end.

It was an amazing day full of family and food and drinks. It got me thinking about the next holidays...and I think we will definitely be spending a little more of them at home, creating days that she will remember forever...but lets be real...its just as much for us as it is for her. Happy Easter everyone!!!