Petite Soul | It starts with a bonnet.

Petite Soul is a baby and toddler accessory brand owned and operated by two NYC mamas. We believe the bonnet should be the staple of the modern child’s wardrobe. Every item in our collection compliments our bonnets and is just as sweet. We combine simple shapes and versatile color palettes on high-quality fabrics, and our playful prints capture the whimsy of childhood. Whether you’re planning baby’s first moments, packing for an outdoor adventure, or cuddling up with a favorite book, Petite Soul is there to provide your little one with soft, cozy protection without compromising style.

Petite Soul is proud to be manufactured ethically in the USA from concept to completion.
— Petite Soul

We have been working tirelessly on Petite Sou's new collection and we are so excited to finally release it!! Along with the new collection, you may notice a few new updates. For one, we have a new logo and we love it!! We also are constantly perfecting our bonnets and have added some new details. We have changed our fit for two reasons -- the back of the bonnet now fits nice and snug against the neck while the front hugs the cheeks and forehead. This is important because it ensures that NO breeze can sneak in and give your babe a chill. We also added trim to the back of the neck of the bandit, this also ensures a nice snug fit and also helps with durability. Check out our new collection below!