fall essentials | drop waist dresses

This week for Fall Essentials, we are choosing the "drop waisted dress" It is the perfect look for school or a fun outting. It is still pretty hot here in New York City, so we are dressing down all of our fall faves. Pair this dress with some nice knit tights and a cute little boot or just wear it on its own!

Where to find?

  • Mabo the dress she has on here is from Mabo and its on sale! Its a total classic that can be passed down.
  • Girls on Greenwich they have a really cute Nelly Stella dress and a Miller pink polka dot dress.
  • MUNY they have a fun little dress and its also on sale!
  • Minou Kids They have two from Beau Loves, find them here and here.
  • Velveteen they have a sweet collection
  • Gap Kids they have a decent selection of drop waist dresses

fall essentials | the suspender short


Next up is, the suspender short. This is one of my favorite articles in her fall wardrobe right now. The perfect transition piece, as it can be styled with tights and a sweater or as it is shown here, for the warmer days!

Where to find

  • Mini Boden pictured here are the "honeycomb cord" shorts
  • H&M these are actually in the boy section, but still super cute!
  • Zara here you can purchase suspenders to add to any shorts or skirt
  • Osh Kosh they have a skirt with suspenders that is really sweet, but also have a bunch of suspender pants in the boy section.

Getaway | Minnewaska’s Awosting Falls


Awosting Falls is a beautiful waterfall within Minnewaska. If you are not familiar with Minnewaska, it’s a New York state park located in New Paltz, about an hour and 45 minutes from the city. It makes for a perfect day trip or weekend getaway as there is a lot to do within the surrounding area.

A total kid friendly activity -- it is only about a 10 minute walk from where you park your car to the bottom of the falls. Once you get to the waterfall there are tons of special little spots to have lunch and hangout. So make sure to pack a little picnic! 

fall essentials | oversized sweatshirt

I am transitioning Olives wardrobe over to fall and I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces. So this month I will be featuring some fall staples. First up -- the oversized sweatshirt. This is a great transition piece because it can be worn with little cotton shorts underneath or with tights/leggings and a infinity scarf. I try to buy items that I can get two seasons out of so usually I size up.  

Where to find

  • Childhoods pictured here is the ribbon dress, but they have all different variations of sweatshirts and they are super cute and soft
  • Zara They have a nice range of fun sweatshirts
  • Kira Kids, they aren't oversized so best to size up!
  • Tiny Cottons they are an international brand, but they ship worldwide 
  • Winter Water Factory also not oversized so don't be afraid to size up, you can always roll the sleeves.
  • Boy + Girl has a nice variety from parkas to hoodies
  • Hugo Loves Tiki this is a really fun brand and they have something called "the wide hoodie"
  • Gap Kids an obvious, but consistent brand. 


Childhood is a time of wonder. Young children radiate curiosity that’s waiting to be nurtured. But today, most children lead schedule-focused lives. Rushing has replaced spontaneity. Results are valued over process. Increasingly, play and academics are viewed as oppositional instead of intimately connected.

Rose & Rex believes that play is the foundation for all learning and development. It is a vital source and functional tool that helps children gain fundamental skills that they will carry through school and into adulthood.
Let’s embrace play, every day.
— Allison Klein of Rose & Rex

I feel like I repeat myself a lot on here when it comes to toys, but when Olive was younger I used to search high and low for toys that were special and thoughtful. It is important to me to help her develop into a creative and intelligent human -- I want her play time to stimulate her mind. I want her to be able to create new dimensions within herself. But it is also important to me that her toys be made with as little plastic as possible. I hate to think of all these thoughtless plastic toys that end up broken and forgotten floating in the ocean somewhere. Toys should be something that you invest in -- that hold meaning -- that teach and inspire. Not something that is bought with the mentality that it will be broken and forgotten days later. I have put together a list of my favorite toy shops and brands based on quality, design and character. 


  • Rose & Rex they offer "teacher curated content and a selection of elegantly designed toys that promote imaginative play."
  • Nova Natural They choose toys that "inspire creativity and practice sustainability by working with small businesses and artisans to supply families with heirloom quality, non-disposable toys that support healthy lifestyles in balance with the environment." 
  • Norman & Jules  They carry "handcrafted toys and imaginative decor that encourages children to explore and develop through creative play. They are committed to providing parents and children with options that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but are carefully crafted from sustainable materials."
  • Brimful Brimful is full of modern, whimsical, well-crafted items. Products that we hope will enrich your parenting experience and bring joy to your little ones.
  • Magic Cabin They are inspired by the "simple delights of childhood and good-old-fashioned imaginative play. We specialize in providing a variety of open-ended, nature-inspired toys and crafts that nurture children’s innate sense of wonder and curiosity."
  • Palumba They believe that "imaginative, open-ended play with simple toys crafted from beautiful, natural materials offers children warmth and a sense of well-being when discovering their world."
  • Bella Luna "Our quality toys are not disposable. They are built to last; the kind of toys that can be passed on or handed down to future generations."
  • Oompa "features a meticulous selection of fun, modern, sustainably-produced, and well-made toys."


Maileg, Hazel Village, Tegu, The Twig Co, BlaBla, Wee Gallery, Sarah Silk's, Kathe Kruse, Haba, Grimms, Plan Toys, Oli & Carol, Candy Lab, Beka Blocks, Bilibo, Eco KidsHolztiger, Manny & Simon.

10 MINUTES of imaginative play can improve a child’s performance on subsequent executive function tasks.
— Rachel White
A study shows that kindergarteners’ vocabulary was positively related to the quantity of time they spent talking while engaged in pretend play at age 3
— Dickinson & Moreton
Free play and play guided by adults both help preschoolers learn to notice other people’s feelings, as well as to regulate their own.
— Stephanie Pappas
In Finland, a country with one of the most successful school systems in the world, children spend an average of 75 minutes per day at recess. In the USA, children spend an average of 27 minutes per day at recess
— Alix Spiegel

Olives wore -- hair bows: Free Babes, Dress & Blouse: Zara, Sandals: Salt Water.

a summer getaway | block island

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.
— E. E. Cummings

We live in a city where the summers are hot and unforgiving. There is a continuous pulse, as the city is always alive. The energy is intoxicating and I find myself addicted to it. But it can be overwhelming at times and I crave the peace that being by the ocean brings.

This year we chose Block Island as our summer getaway. It is a small, quiet and cheerful little island located about an hour off of Rhode Island. Michael has spent his summers here for 25 years so you can imagine the joy it brings him to watch Olive reliving his childhood memories. There is a sense of nostalgia that just kind of lingers in the ocean air --

I found myself walking slowly, smiling a lot, and soaking in my family. It is important to me to create happy memories for Olive. I want her childhood to be inspiring so that she grows up knowing that there is so much beauty out there -- you just have to go find it. 

A shoot for Girls on Greenwich

I just wanted to share some of my favorite images from a shoot we did for Girls On Greenwich =)


Olive for Rose & Rex

We did a shoot for one of our favorite toy stores last week, Rose and Rex, a new york city based toy store that focuses on play and cultivating imagination. 

Imaginative play is the creative language of childhood that supports all facets of development. Every toy in our collection is thoughtfully selected by education professionals, teachers, and child development experts to foster well-rounded skill building. Our mission is to give every child an opportunity to play, which is why we Play It Forward with every purchase.
— Founder, Allison Klein