LYFT | Carseat Mode

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Did you know Lyft has a carseat mode in the app? If you're a fellow New Yorker im sure you're just as thrilled as we are to have this option because let's face it, NYC is just not kid friendly. We live uptown and love to hang downtown but the trek with strollers, diaper bags and two kids is sometimes just too much. Lyft just made our lives (and yours) so much easier by adding this feature. It's nice to have some peace of mind when traveling with kids.

THANKS LYFT! Here's to adventuring more and worrying less. Dont have the app? you can download it here

How it works

Its pretty simple! Just open up the Lyft app, and select Car Seat option in the Mode selector (there is a $10 fee but use code MSMARYGRACE for $5 off!)

The seat that Lyft provides is the IMMI Go car seat and your driver has been tested to ensure they know proper secure installation. This is a forward-facing car seat and the child must be 12 plus months, 31-52 inches and weigh between 22-48 pounds.

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Lyft has engaged third-party child passenger safety (CPS) technicians that have been certified under the auspices of the National Child Passenger Safety Training Program. These CPS technicians have tested each Lyft driver in our Car Seat program to assure that the driver knows how to properly install the IMMI Go car seat in the driver’s vehicle and that the car seat is in proper working condition.
— lyft
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girlies | lulaland

Some photos we did for Lulaland. A brand that embodies creativity and fun..."lulaland is for the authentic, little free spirits of the global village." One of my top brands for sparkly playful pieces. Most of their clothes are organic cotton, which I love. I try to steer clear of any synthetic materials because, one -- I think what we put on our bodies should be of the earth and leave as little impact on the environment as possible and two, cotton is comfortable and durable. I try to buy pieces that I know will grow with the girls and be able to be passed from Olive to Ophelia and hopefully their kids too. 

Block Island | Placenta Blessing

I meant to post these photos months ago, but you know -- life. This summer we went to block Island, our first trip as a family of four. It was there that we chose to burry both our girls placentas. We buried them together, under a rock that sits on the beach as the sun was setting. Where the land meets the ocean. Grounded yet free. May you always have the the ocean in your heart and the wind in your hair. Stay grounded but be free -- we adore you. Sisters. Together forever.

...Traditions from several cultures have been treating the placenta with respect and admiration for its accomplishment and meaning, and many cultures around the world have specific ceremonies for handling it - a strong contrast to how Western medicine treats placentas as human waste. In gratitude for the gift of fertility and the birth of the baby, most cultures respectfully bury the placenta, returning the nutrients and its sacred energy back to Mother Earth, the creator of all physical life.
— Andrea Takacs-Carvalho, Tribe De Mama

our best sleep | Askr & Embla

Our ambition is to make the best baby essentials possible. To us that means thoughtfully designed everyday items that are functional, eco friendly, and 100% free from harmful toxins.
Gentle on babies—kind to our planet.

Easy to use and lightweight, the versatile design is likely to make the Sleepod your go-to item for months to come. Whether it is for co-sleeping, baby lounging, day time napping, supervised tummy time, as a travel cot or the perfect supportive backrest for marathon feedings.
Our Sleepods are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. We use the best organic, natural materials to create a safe, hypoallergenic, and soothing environment for babies and their parents.
— Askr & Embla

I'm the kind of person who searches for hours and hours looking for the "perfect" pieces that fit our aesthetic. And im always excited to share when I discover something new -- well actually my mother discovered it...mothers know everything, right??

Our apartment is small, so any pieces that we bring in have to be pleasing to the eye or it will seriously drive me crazy. Just because something is functional doesn't mean you have to settle for something that doesn't meet your standards of design or quality. The Askr & Embla sleep pod does just that. Its beauty is in its simplicity -- it quietly blends into your everyday life and offers a secure and cozy spot for your babe to rest. It fits perfectly in a moses basket, on the couch or in a bed and has been an absolute favorite of mine and Ophelia's. So if youre looking for a beautifully crafted sleep pod -- check them out!!