Easter | DIY real easter grass

Holidays in general are just so much fun with kids. There are so many ways to help build the excitement during the days leading up to them. I grew up planting my own Easter grass every year and was so excited to pass the tradition down to Olive. This year we made an extra basket for the baby, I wanted her to get used to the idea that she will be sharing her holidays with someone else very soon.

Scroll down for a "how to" plant your own grass!

DIY Easter Grass

You'll need:

-Wheat Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries, you can find them at a healthfood store or online here

-A basket, pail, terracotta planting pot or even a watering can, you can really use anything! If you choose to use a basket, you will need to line it. We used a plastic bag and just trimmed off the excess plastic so it didn't show.

-Potting soil

-And about 7-9 days of growing time

-A spray bottle for misting the seeds

Step 1

After you have selected your container, fill it with potting soil to 1/2 inch below the rim.

Step 2

Sprinkle a generous amount of seeds on top of the soil

Step 3

After you have made a nice even layer of seeds, mist very generously with spray bottle and find a bright window to place your potted seeds.

Step 4

The seeds need to be kept moist until they sprout, so mist them generously with water about 3-4 times a day! Once they have all sprouted, you can reduce the amount of watering to 1-2 times a day. 

What's in the baskets

Maileg baby bunnies, Micro Pram,  Bessie Bunny, The Flower Festival, Micro Crib by Maileg

What Olive Wore

Blue Checked Dress, Bow


Hawaii | The Big Island

Take off your shoes, put down your hair — Come baby, come, let’s dig some holes. You’ll find it’s heaven with sand on your soles.
— Elvis Presley, Blue Hawaii

Hawaii is one of those places that takes ahold of your soul and steals your heart. If you are looking for somewhere to fill you up with magic -- book a ticket and stay awhile. The air is light and smells of the sea and flowers, the sun is hot and the water is warm. We drove around with the top down and music up -- By far the most memorable of trips for us all I think. 

Things to see on the Big Island, Kona side:

Manini beach & tide pools- Manini Beach is a small beach on Kealakekua Bay just opposite  from Captain Cook monument. Most of the park is covered by a grassy lawn
and it has a few picnic tables. There is a nice amount of shade so it is a great place to bring a picnic lunch and some beach chairs and just hang. The tide pools are located on the shore towards the back of the park.

The Red Road - Also called Kapoho Kalapana Road, is a 15 miles winding one lane road that takes you on a journey along the coastline of the lower Puna District. It is one of the most scenic roads in the state of Hawaii. Absolute MAGIC!!! The road brings you along the coastline, sometimes it curves close to the edge of the cliffs formed by lava and sometimes it leads you through a dense tree tunnel where dangling vines reach the floor. I suggest renting a convertible and driving with the top down while the sound track of Elvis's Blue Hawaii plays in the background -- you'll feel transported in time. Just unbelievable. (There is absolutely no cell service or gas stations, so plan accordingly)

Hapuna Beach- Part of Hapuna Beach State Park and located on the Kohala Coast, this is one of the larger, more sandy beaches. There are bathrooms, food and parking. Really great for kids and families. Pack a cooler for the day with lots of drinks and snacks and spend the day enjoying the sun and sea!

Kukio “keiki” beach- This is where we saw the turtles! It is just north of the Kona International Airport, and is part of a the private, gated community, of Kukio so you have to check in with security guard to enter.  The swimming area is ideal for babies and toddlers, because there is no waves, as part of the swimming area is enclosed by lava rock. There are also bathrooms available but no food, so bring snacks and lunch. ALSO. There are VERY limited parking spots, so go early. And by early I mean 8:30am! We got there at 9:30 am and got the last parking space!!

Mauna Kea beach- Another beach great for families and it has good access to facilities! The beach is about half a mile long and the waters are generally calm. There are also two small coral reefs on the sides of the beach. If youre in the mood to sunbathe and chill - this is the perfect place. This is my favorite beach I think...hard to say because they are all so vastly different from each other. The beach is part of the Mauna Kea hotel, so if you get hungry or crave a nice drink, you can walk over to the hotels restaurant. AGAIN. Parking is super limited so you need to get there by 8:30am, we got there late and missed our chance this time =(

These are just a few things that the island has to offer. If you're a family traveling with children, these are my top 5 things we have done so far -- we have been to the big Island three times now and still haven't been able to see everything! 

Helpful tid bits.

Sunscreen: We always put spf 50 on Olive, but Michael and I usually use spf 30, I suggest starting with 50 for the first few days (esp if you're headed there with east coast winter skin) The sun is crazy intense!

Baby Powder: If you follow my blog you might have seen that I shared this before. But I'm sharing again because it is the best trick!! Bring a little thing of baby powder and a clean dry wash cloth. Apply baby powder to any area of your kids skin or yours where you are extra sandy, then wipe off sand and powder with washcloth. THE BESSTTT. No sandy bums for the car ride home!

Island Naturals: A healthfood store and deli. If you're staying in Kona, this is the spot! Our go to for beach snacks and lunch. They make sandwiches and have a delicious hot bar for breakfast and lunch! 

Snacks: load up on snacks and beverages when headed to the beach or doing a road trip. Esp if you have kids. Alot of the beaches are a drive away from food and once you're there and all set up, you arent going to want to leave!

Local goodies: TANGELOS. the juiciest most amazing orange ever. They aren't meant to be peeled. you just tear the top off and suck the juice out -- or if you're like Olive and cant deal with a little mess, insert straw. LILIKOI, or passion fruit, cut open and eat the tangy fruit covered seeds or just try lilikoi juice or lilikoi ANYTHING.



Valentine's Day Shoot | Rose & Rex

We did a Valentine's Day shoot for Rose & Rex, my absolute favorite toy shop. If you follow this blog, you probably already know how much I and Olive adore them! And shooting children in an environment that they enjoy, is the best -- so, as you can imagine, this shoot was a blast. New magical toys, cookie decorating and some bright sun -- life is good.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day. 


Childhood is a time of wonder. Young children radiate curiosity that’s waiting to be nurtured. But today, most children lead schedule-focused lives. Rushing has replaced spontaneity. Results are valued over process. Increasingly, play and academics are viewed as oppositional instead of intimately connected.

Rose & Rex believes that play is the foundation for all learning and development. It is a vital source and functional tool that helps children gain fundamental skills that they will carry through school and into adulthood.
Let’s embrace play, every day.
— Allison, Founder

Olive wore: Pink collared blouse from Cloth Shop, Black and white dot dress from Nelly Stella, pink leather bow from SweetNSwag.

Rockets of Awesome

We are reimagining how parents shop for kids. And it’s basically the future. No, we don’t use hoverboards, but we do use algorithms which are just as cool. Based on what your kids like and don’t like, we design and hand-pick high quality clothes and send them to you free of charge four times a year. If there’s something you don’t like, it’s okay! Tell us. There’s no such thing as TMI. The more feedback you give us, the more personalized your experience becomes. We’re here to make your life easier. And we mean it. That’s our idea of awesome.

We discovered Rockets of Awesome this summer and totally fell in love. The clothes are designed in house and everything is on trend and made for everyday wear. The clothes are fun bright and awesome. So, how does it work? 

  1. Based on what you like or don’t like, they will hand-pick 8 to 12 items for you.

  2. You’ll receive a delivery 4 times a year. No membership fees. No shipping fees.

  3. Choose your faves, you’re only charged for what you keep

...easy, right?!

Here are some of our favorite looks from this seasons box.